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St. Mark Clinical Trials is a clinical research site which specializes in providing our patients with new treatments for many debilitating medical conditions.  All of our studies are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and are performed with your comfort and safety in mind.  If you should choose to participate all study related procedures, exams, and testing will be provided free of charge.  You will also be compensated for your time and/or travel.  We strive to provide our patients with an excellent customer service experience as exemplified below:

  • No waiting time prior to your scheduled visit
  • 24 hour phone line available to contact our study staff should any questions and/or issues arise
  • You will be contacted immediately should there be any issues and/or lab abnormalities detected on testing
  • Transportation to/from the clinic provided on as needed basis
  • Exam room has TV with Netflix for downtime during clinic visits
  • Water/Snacks provided

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a clinical research study?

A clinical research study is a study of a new medication for the treatment of a medical condition.  All of our research studies are FDA regulated and reviewed by an independent institutional review board to make sure they are performed with the highest ethical standards and with a primary regard for patient safety.  The FDA uses the results from clinical research studies in order to decide whether to approve a medical treatment for use in the United States.


What is the process after I submit my contact information?

After submitting your contact information a member of our staff will contact you by phone to review your medical history and to give you information about the research study.  If at that time you seem like a good fit and are still interested you will be scheduled for an initial study visit.

Will it cost me anything to participate in a clinical research study?

No, it will not cost you anything to participate.  All study procedures, physical exams, laboratory examination, EKG’s, lung testing, and study medications will be covered at no cost to you.  We do not collect any insurance information from you so we will never bill your insurance, Medicare, and/or Medicaid for any study-related procedures.


What will happen at the initial study visit?

At the initial study visit you will be asked to review an informed consent form which will go into detail on the study medication, risks/benefits, side effects, alternatives to participation, your compensation, as well as your rights during the study.  If you agree to participate you will sign the informed consent form and the initial study visit will begin.  Although it is not possible for us to list all procedures that will occur during the first visit because of differences in study protocols, the first visit typically entails a full medical/surgical history, vital signs, physical exam, labs, and an EKG.  Investigational drugs are not typically started at the first visit.

Do I have to tell my doctor that I am participating in a clinical research study?

Although we encourage you to tell your doctor that you are participating, it is not necessary.  If you do choose to involve your doctor our research site will send him/her a letter explaining the study, study medications, and letting him/her know of your participation.  Your doctor is also free to contact our site at any time should he/she have any questions regarding your participation.  We feel that transparency and good communication are the hallmarks of a good patient-physician-clinical research relationship.

How long is a research study?

Each research study is different.  Some studies can be as short as a few weeks while some can last up to 1 year or longer.

Can I still follow up with my doctor if I am participating in a research study?

Yes, you are encouraged to continue seeing your personal doctor while you are participating in the research study.  He/She will continue to monitor your general care throughout the research study.  Furthermore, should we find any abnormalities during study-related testing you will be asked to follow up with your primary care physician for further diagnosis and/or treatment.

What if I want to stop participating in the research study?

It is your right to stop participating in a research study at any time and for any reason.  We do ask, however, that you let the site know about your decision so that we can understand the reasons and perform an early termination visit for final safety examinations and tests.

When will I be compensated for study visits?

All patients will be compensated at the end of each study visit.  You will be given a check in your name.

What if I would like to participate; however, you do not have any studies for which I qualify at the moment?

We encourage you to submit your information via the contact us form.  As a busy clinical research site we are always getting new studies and just because we don’t have one now doesn’t mean we won’t have something for you in the near future.  When you submit your information a member of our staff will contact you to get information regarding your medical history.  Once complete you will be entered into our database and we will reach out to you once we get a study that would be a good fit for you.  You are also encouraged to reach out to us periodically to see what new studies we may have in the pipeline.

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